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This document establishes the Terms and Conditions governing the use of this website and the purchase of products on it.

We ask that you read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website. By using this website or placing an order through it, you are consenting to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, therefore, if you do not agree with all Terms and Conditions, you should not use this website.

These Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time, with the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of using the website being applicable. It is the user's responsibility to periodically read them.




This Web page is executed by Blue Brands ®, based at Rua Carlos Duarte Caneças, 18-A | 2700-163 Amadora, Portugal.




The information and data provided by the user are treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. By using this website, the user is consenting to the processing of the information and data provided, declaring that they are true and correspond to reality.




By using this website and / or placing orders through it, the user undertakes to:

- Use this website only to make legally valid inquiries and / or orders;

- Do not place any false or fraudulent orders;

- Provide the necessary data in a true and accurate way;

By using this website, the user consents to the use of the information provided so that we can contact him, if necessary.

If the information necessary to place the order is not provided, we may not proceed with it.

When placing an order through this website, the user declares to be over 18 years old and to have the legal capacity to conclude contracts.




To place your order on this website, the user must have an email account and his / her browser must be configured to accept cookies (see Cookies Policy), in order to allow the user to enjoy all the browsability conditions of the Blue Brands ® online store.


5.1. How to Order:

1. Find the products you want to purchase;

2. Add the selected products to the “Shopping Cart”;

3. Finalize the purchase;

4. Select the payment option;

5. Review your order;

6. Proceed to payment and confirm the order;

7. You will receive an order confirmation by email;

Your order is confirmed when you select the "Confirm Payment" button at the end of the purchase process. After your order is confirmed, a message will appear on the screen with your order number and all the details of the order. Later you will receive an email of " Order Confirmation ”that signs the purchase agreement and contains the details of your order.


5.2 Order Confirmation

The information contained in these Terms and Conditions, as well as all the information contained in this website, does not constitute a sale offer, but an invitation to contract.

There will be no contract between Blue Brands ® and the user for any product until the order has been expressly accepted by Blue Brands ®. Only the products mentioned in the “Order Confirmation” will be the object of the order, and the brand is not obliged to supply any product that is not included in the order.


5.3. Right not to accept an order or cancel the purchase

Although every effort is made to complete all orders, exceptional circumstances may occur that require us to refuse to complete an order after sending the “Order Confirmation”. In these cases the user will be informed, via email, that his order has not been finalized, specifying the reasons for this.

Blue Brands ® reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason. We also reserve the right to cancel any order (even after acceptance) being exempt from any liability for any damages or costs, in the following situations (among others):

- The item is no longer available in stock;

- The billing information is not correct or verifiable;

- The order is signaled by the Security systems as an incorrect order or susceptible to fraud;

- The transfer for payment of the order has not been received by us within a period of 5 days after acceptance of the same;
- If we understand that you are under 18;

- If we understand that you are a reseller;

- If delivery is not possible at the address provided.

If the order is not accepted and a debit has already been made to the user's account, the entire amount will be refunded.


5.4. Data verification

After receiving the order, we can perform some checks on it before it is confirmed and sent. These checks may include verification of the address provided, credibility and fraud verification, for which the latter are partially automated checks on all orders in order to filter out unusual, suspicious transactions or identified as susceptible to fraud. All suspected fraud will be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted. By confirming your order you agree to these conditions.




6.1. Payment methods

The user can make the payment using the method that is most convenient, within the following options: Visa, Mastercard, MB, PayPal and Blue Brands ® Gift Card. If you try to make a payment by any means other than those mentioned above, we are not responsible for loss of payment or any other damages that may result.


6.2. Data Verification

All details (eg card number or expiration date) will be sent via the encrypted protocol to the company providing the remote electronic payment services, without third parties being able to access the information transmitted. The card will only be debited after the bank confirms the authenticity of the card and the user. Otherwise, the order will be canceled. CCV (Card Verification Value) offers a guarantee of security in combating credit card fraud. The encrypted code corresponds to the card number and expiration date, and is requested in the transaction to ensure that the buyer is in possession of the card. By clicking on "Authorize Payment", the customer confirms that the credit card is his or that it is the legitimate owner.


6.3. Use of Data

The data provided will be used by Blue Brands ® ONLY to carry out the necessary procedures for the purchase or respective reversal in the event of a return, always in accordance with the exercise of the right of return or, for communication to the competent authorities in cases of fraud.


6.4. Payment Processing

If you choose to pay with a Credit Card, the amount in question will be deducted from your account when the order leaves our warehouse.

If you choose to make the payment through PayPal the debit will be made at the time of order confirmation.





7.1. Deadlines

Without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 8 below, regarding the availability of products and, unless extraordinary circumstances occur, in the case of confirming your order on a business day until 12:00 and proceeding with payment by Credit Card or via Paypal, your order will be shipped within the next 48 business hours (weekends and holidays are not considered business days). If you choose to pay via ATM reference, the shipment will be made after receipt of payment, which may take between 5 to 7 days.

However, delays may occur for any of the following reasons:

- Product customization;

- Specialized articles;

- Unforeseen circumstances;

- Delivery area.

The delivery times mentioned cannot be guaranteed by us in relation to deliveries in the Autonomous Regions, as well as during periods of promotions, sales and Christmas, or other special dates such as Mother's Day.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. No deliveries are made on weekends and public holidays.

If, for any reason, we are unable to meet the delivery date, we will inform you of this circumstance, setting a new delivery date, or canceling the order, receiving a full refund of the amount paid.


7.2. Delivery place

Only deliveries are made to Mainland Portugal and Islands.

No deliveries are made to PO boxes.

Deliveries are made to the address indicated by the customer, under the guarantee that someone will be at the address indicated to receive the order. Our delivery service does not include the option of scheduling delivery times, so delivery will be made without prior contact by the carrier.

Delivery is considered to have been made with the signature of the delivery receipt at the delivery address.


7.3. Impossibility of Delivery

If the carrier is unable to deliver because no one is at the address indicated, a note will be left in the mailbox for the customer to contact the carrier and arrange a new delivery for a fee.

If you are unable to be at the place of delivery of the order, we ask that you contact us in a timely manner so that it can be booked.
new delivery date.

In the event of impossibility of delivery, the customer must make a contact through Customer Support within 5 days after the date of delivery, if after the mentioned period there is no contact on the part of the customer, we will understand that you want to give up, and the amount paid.


7.4 Inspection upon delivery / Return of defective items
Upon delivery, the customer must inspect the packaging in order to ascertain any damage. If any of the items is found to be damaged, the customer must not accept delivery of the order, and it will be returned to our warehouse.

In cases where the customer verifies after delivery that the item does not comply with the order's provisions, he must contact us within 48 working hours, through the Customer Service indicating the damage to the item. Returning the item will be our responsibility.

After returning the order, the damage in question will be confirmed and a new item will be delivered at no cost to the customer. If an identical item is not available, the customer will be contacted and informed of the products available for replacement. In case he does not want any of the suggested items, the customer is entitled to cancel the order and the amount in question will be returned.

The return or replacement of the item will take place as soon as possible and, in any case (except those already mentioned in previous clauses), within 3 days after the date of sending the email confirming the return or replacement of the item. nonconforming article.

The amount paid for products that are returned because of an existing imperfection or defect will be fully refunded, including delivery costs incurred for the delivery of the item. The refund will be made by the same payment method that was used to pay for the purchase. All rights recognized by the law in force will be safeguarded.




The articles presented on this website are available for Mainland Portugal and Islands.

All orders are subject to item availability. Blue Brands ® may not validate your order when the ordered items are no longer available, the customer being informed via email. If an order and payment have been made for items that have become unavailable in the meantime, Blue Brands ® will refund the value of the item (s) in question.

The items marked “Temporarily Unavailable” will be replaced within the possible time by Blue Brands ®, committing itself to carry out the replacement as soon as possible.

We will not be liable to the user, or any third party, for the fact that we remove any article from this website, regardless of whether that article was sold or not, to delete or modify any material or content on this website.




The prices and articles available on this website are valid only for purchases made through this website, and may not coincide with the prices and articles available at Blue Brands ® points of sale. There may also be exclusive promotions online.


9.1. Legal Fees

The prices shown on this website include VAT at the legal rate in force and are valid at the time the purchase was made. In case of exchange of one article for another, the value of the definitive product applies.


9.2. Shipping costs

The prices shown do not include shipping costs, these are assumed by the user in all orders worth less than 100 euros, except for the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira.

9.3. Mistakes

The price of each item will be the one stipulated on this website at the time of ordering, except in case of obvious error. Blue Brands ® tries to ensure that all prices on this website are correct, however errors can occur.

If we detect an error in the price of any item ordered by the user, we will inform you as soon as possible, being given the option to reconfirm the order at the correct price, or to request the cancellation of the same. If we are unable to contact the user, the order will be canceled and we will refund the full amount paid.

The brand will not be obliged to supply any item at the incorrect lower price (even though the “Order Confirmation” and / or “Shipping Confirmation” was sent), if the error in the price is obvious and unambiguous and if it could have been reasonably recognized by the user as an incorrect price.


9. 4. Price Changes

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice and at any time, without affecting the orders for which it has already been sent.




According to the applicable rules, if you are hiring as a consumer, the customer can withdraw from the order at any time, within the established deadlines, being refunded in the amount paid for the returned items.


10.1 Cancellation of the order before shipping

The customer can cancel the order as long as it has not yet been sent, and to do so, he must contact the Customer Support services and request the respective cancellation. If the cancellation request is successful, the customer will receive an email with the indication of the cancellation indicating the respective reason and the cancellation will be made at no cost to the customer. If the order has already been sent and the cancellation request is not possible, the order will be sent to the customer who, if he / she maintains the intention to cancel the order, must refuse to receive it, with the value of the order items being returned.


10.2 Return of articles due to withdrawal

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the items ordered, you can return them within 30 consecutive days after receipt, provided that:

- The article has not been washed or used;

- The brand label has NOT been removed;

- Be returned with the original packaging and it is intact and undamaged;

- The item is returned with all items (for example, a suitcase must be returned with its handle), including all instructions, labels and documents.

No refund will be made if the product has been used beyond simply opening its packaging or has been damaged.

The customer is NOT entitled to withdraw from the order when the object is the supply of personalized items.


10.3 Exchange of articles

If the customer wants to exchange the purchased item, after receiving it, he / she must contact the Customer Service within 5 days (consecutive) after receiving the item. The return of the item in question can be made through our carrier (free of charge) on delivery upon receipt of the new item, or through CTT services to the address that will be indicated through Customer Support.

In the event that the intended new item is of a higher value than the item initially purchased, an ATM reference will be generated for the customer to pay the difference amount. If the value of the new item is lower than the one initially purchased, the difference will be returned by the same means that the customer paid the initial order. In case the exchange item is of equal value to the item initially purchased, the customer should only proceed with the payment of the shipping costs.




You can answer your questions by email ....... or by phone at +351 .......




Blue Brands ® will only be liable for damages suffered by the client in the event that such damages result from violations attributable to the contractual obligations towards the client, or in the event that Blue Brands ® liability results from the applicable legal law.

We are not responsible for damages suffered by third parties resulting from the use of any of our products, nor can we be held responsible for damages suffered by the customer as a result of the improper use of our products.

Given the open nature of this website and the possibility of errors occurring in the storage and transmission of digital information, we do not guarantee the accuracy and security of the information transmitted or obtained through this website, unless it expressly provides otherwise. All product descriptions, information and materials that appear on this website are provided to be true and without express or implied warranties thereon.

We will not be responsible for any data or losses resulting from a denial of service attack, viruses or any other technologically harmful or harmful program or material that may affect your computer, computer equipment, data or materials, as a result of using this website or downloading content from it or from content to which it redirects.


12.1 Links from our website

If our website contains links to other pages and materials from third parties, these links are provided for information purposes only, without any control over the content of those pages or materials. Therefore, we will not accept any liability for damage or loss due to its use.

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all warranties, except those that cannot be legitimately excluded in relation to consumers and users. The provisions of this clause will not affect your legal rights as a consumer and user or your right to withdraw from the order.




You should not do misuse of this website by intentionally introducing viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs or any other technologically harmful or harmful material. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to this website, to the server on which this website is hosted or to any server, computer or database related to our website. You undertake not to attack this web page through a denial of service attack or a distributed denial of service attack.

Failure to comply with this clause may imply the practice of infractions typified by the applicable legislation. We will inform the competent authorities of any non-compliance. In case of non-compliance with this clause, you will also no longer be authorized to use this website.




The “Gift Cards” purchased through this website are for exclusive use at www.bluebrands.pt.

After purchasing or issuing an e-gift, it cannot be converted into cash and cannot be refunded for any other type of payment (bank transfer, VISA / MASTERCARD or Paypal).

Chargebacks for orders paid with "Gift Card" will always be made using the same method, that is, "Gift Card", with the new "Gift Card" being sent to the email indicated in the order.

An “Gift Card” can be used for purchases equal to, greater than or less than your balance. If the value of your purchase is higher, you will be asked to pay the remaining amount. If the value of your purchase is lower, the code of your “Gift Card” keeps the excess amount in balance. Your “Gift Card” can be used as long as it has a balance amount and is valid for 1 year.

You can use more than one “Gift Card” in the same order.
The acquisition of a “Gift Card” cannot be combined with campaigns, discounts or promotions.
The use of the “Gift Card” is valid on any item and can be combined with campaigns, discounts and promotions.

The use of the “Gift Card” is only allowed to registered customers.




The present general conditions and all emerging disputes that are related to these general conditions, including their validity, the use of the website or any purchase on it must be governed by Portuguese law.